Friday, August 21, 2015

Clean 9 Natural Detox and Weight Loss Pack (FAQ).

Clean 9
Finally, you can kick start your weight loss and detoxification exercise with Clean 9, a starter pack for our FIT Program. Read on for more details.

Question #1: What exactly is Clean 9 and how does it help me lose weight?

The Clean 9 Program is a 9 day Aloe vera based cleansing program, enabling you to naturally and safely lose weight.
Clean 9 is a natural herbal pack that contains 2 bottles of Aloe veraGel, A meal replacement protein shake, Garcinia Plus, as well as fibre supplements.
The Clean 9 Program runs for 9 days. On Day 1 & 2 of using Clean 9, you undergointermittent fasting alongside with drinking the Aloe vera Gel and the protein shake.

On Day 3 to 9, you will eat a 600 calorie meal in addition to the supplements provided in the Clean 9 pack.
You are also expected to do 20 minutes exercise every day of the 9 days. (We will provide you with good recommendations and videos on exercises.)

Question #2: Will I lose weight just by drinking this Clean 9 Aloe veragel only?

Yes, you will lose weight. Clean 9 contains the aloe gel for detoxification and other supplements for weight loss (including a low calorie protein shake to ensure that your body gets all the nutrient it requires)

To sustain the results you will get on completing the Clean 9 program, you must continue to eat healthy meals and exercise.

Question #3: Can a pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother useClean 9?

Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with chronic ulcers should not go on Clean 9. However, they can take the gel for its many health benefits, including detoxification, aiding absorption, supporting immune function etc.

Question #4: What are the side effects of Clean 9?

Minor symptoms that one may observe includes slight headache, hunger and fatigue; especially within the first two days which is like a food fast.
Other effects may include mild stooling due to the cleansing effect of the aloe vera gel.

Question #5: I have used Clean 9 before, but it did not work for me

The Clean 9 program is designed to lead you on a new lifestyle involving optimal activity and adequate nutrition.
Imbibing healthy eating habits and other key lifestyle changes are key to sustainable results.
Fortunately, we are available to provide adequate support and information.

Question #6: Without Clean 9, can I still lose weight?

Yes you can. With an appropriate meal plan , optimal activity and coaching, you can to lose up to 28kg over a 90 day period.
However, Clean 9 fast tracks your weight loss exercise and you can loose up to 5kg within the first 5 days. In addition, Clean 9 doubles for detoxification, helping the body in the fight against other diseases.

Question #7: How Much Is Clean 9 and How Can I get it from You?

The Clean 9 pack costs $120 (N20,000). We can always discuss the most convenient way to get it delivered to you.

Question #8 What other benefits do I get?

Getting on the Clean 9 program also provides you access to full time support – including weight loss and health tips, meal plans and exercise routines (videos inclusive).

Fell free to send in your inquiries or place an order for Clean 9 today.
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